Tupac's Inspiration

Through his music Tupac proved to be one who sent out a message to all his fans. Whether you were black or white or orange, man or woman or ape, Tupac was telling you how it is where he is from. His lyrics were extremely powerful and that is what made him so special. Keep Ya Head Up stood out the most to me. He taught us about overcoming our obstacles and no matter what happened you should always hold your head high and someone will be there for you and cares for you. Another song that stood out to me was Life Goes On. Everynight I bump that song in memory of him. That song was real emotional to me especially right after he died. I think that lyrics like that are what took his fans by surprise. He told us all about how death hurts us but we must see through it because no matter what life will go on. I just wish more then anything Tupac was around today to see the support he has gotten from his fans. These are just the ones on the internet. All his niggaz on the street who have spent majority of their lives kicking it with him, I wonder if he would have ever imagined how much of a mark he left us when he exited the world. Let's just remember one last thing Tupac inspired in his music. Gangs kill. If you want to be smart, get off the streets and into the classrooms. That is what will make your life, selling dope and blasting people with your gat is not a lavished lifestyle. Use your head and maybe you'll make a difference on the world as Tupac has done.

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